Know the Side Effects of Curette and its Dangers

Curette or in medical terms known as curettage, is a procedure to remove tissue in the uterus. This procedure is generally performed in cases of miscarriage and special problems in the uterus, such as bleeding. Although it's quite common, there are actually side effects of curettets that need to be anticipated. Curette procedures can also be performed to diagnose certain conditions, such as finding out the cause of abnormal vaginal bleeding, checking for fertility, and detecting uterine cancer. Not all women may undergo a curette procedure, because there are some conditions that are not recommended for this procedure, such as pelvic infection or inflammation, blood clotting disorders, and some serious medical conditions, such as a history of heart or lung disease. Curette Side Effects If performed by a competent doctor, curette is a safe procedure and rarely causes complications. Even so, it does not mean curette has no side effects or risks at all. Complications due to curet
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